Paypal & Crypto from a Paypal Insider

Paypal’s potential entry into the cryptocurrency market by offering the buying and selling of BTC on their mobile app and platform with their 325 million active users, could drive a 12k+ price rally with BTC.

Paypal already plays in the cryptocurrency space a little by allowing the withdrawal of funds through their app with crypto exchanges like Coinbase.

By giving its 325 million active users cryptocurrency wallet functionality to buy, sell, hold, and transfer crypto in an app they are already familiar with, Paypal will drive massive, compounding incremental volume into the market. This influx of capacity from new crypto users will need to be supported by proper liquidity and infrastructure within the major crypto exchanges. Crypto Market Marketing and Crypto Liquidity Providers are more important than ever to this rapidly maturing capital market, which has and continues to explode in regards to it’s volume. Crypto Liquidity Providers facilitate proper trade execution to prevent price slippage and make the users’ experience of trading and investing in crypto a much more appealing and exciting, and more importantly, routine process.

Seaquake’s market-making and liquidity services help support the ever-expanding trade volume by offering crypto exchange-wide market-making solutions utilizing our institutional-grade trading and data collection engine.

If PayPal does indeed enter the market, they will need to source liquidity from top exchanges, which are already struggling to maintain their liquidity. Seaquake’s technology will expand liquidity services across multiple exchanges for high-volume coins, further strengthening the market’s infrastructure, liquidity and overall volume. All PayPal user volume is very welcome in the market, but exchanges need to be prepared to support the required liquidity in this rapidly growing market.

It will be interesting to see how this PayPal news plays out as they continue to staff their Blockchain team. I imagine this would be a huge revenue stream for the company and would have fantastic benefits to the cryptocurrency market.

Also worth noting is that over 200 million global merchants accept PayPal. Next step, adding BTC to PayPal’s checkout flow as a merchant funding option, ultimately making BTC the mainstream currency it sets out to be.

What sets Seaquake apart from the rest is that it offers comprehensive data capture, access to fair pricing, low latency execution, transparency and stability,